Read Chris Jones' review and comments on Tricia Ann's new album: 

Old Trails, New Beginnings is Tricia Ann Eaves’ debut solo album that is only 40-odd years overdue. She began playing bluegrass music professionally in the early 70s in her native New Mexico, landing a job playing guitar in the formerly all-male Big River Boys (which became the Big River Band after she joined), the major bluegrass band in the New Mexico scene at the time. 

It was with that band that I first heard Tricia play. I was a kid, already a fanatic about bluegrass music and just starting to play guitar. At the time, it never occurred to me that there were very few woman in bluegrass music, and almost none playing lead guitar or mandolin in those days. I was just impressed getting to hear someone flatpick at a professional level in person. It was a first for me. Just a couple of years later, Tricia was playing mandolin in her own band, and she agreed to give me the first and only bluegrass guitar lessons I’ve ever had.  

Simply put, I wouldn’t be playing bluegrass music professionally if it weren’t for Tricia Eaves. Her influence went beyond lessons: she introduced me to music and artists I hadn’t heard yet, like Clarence White, Dan Crary, and Tony Rice, big influences on her own playing. She also drove me to my first bluegrass festivals in Hugo, Oklahoma and Winfield, Kansas. Most importantly, she passed on her passion for the music. For me, it was life-changing.  

It’s that same musical passion that Tricia Ann Eaves now shares with the world through New Beginnings. I’m immensely proud of what she’s done with this project: it combines great and heartfelt material (much of it written or co-written by Tricia), outstanding picking by a top-notch cast of players and special guests, Tricia’s soulful singing, and an excellent production job by Professor Dan Boner. 

Tricia is a giver, whether she’s inspiring young musicians to play professionally, or equipping future music professionals at ETSU where she now teaches business and music law, and this album of hers is a gift for all of us. Thank you, Tricia. 

— Chris Jones 

Chris Jones & The Night Drivers

Old Trails, New Beginnings

Tricia Ann Eaves

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DOWNLOAD ARRIVES VIA EMAIL IN A ZIP FILE, as as soon as payment clears the bank. Tricia Ann's new album featuring Grammy and IBMA award winners Adam Steffey, Becky Buller, Dan Boner, Hunter and Sally Berry and more. Liner notes written by Chris Jones. All new, with 5 tracks written by Tricia.

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Becky Buller appears courtesy of Dark Shadow Recording.  

Sally and Hunter Berry appear courtesy of Upper Management Music. 

Dan Boner appears courtesy of Daysight Music. 

Produced, arranged, engineered, and mixed by Dan Boner, Daysight Music.  

Recorded at the ETSU Recording Lab, Johnson City, TN.  

Mastered by Randy LeRoy at Tonal Park, Takoma Park, MD.  

Front cover painting American Progress by John Gast, 1872.  

Session photography and graphic design by Dan Boner. Additional photos by Tricia Ann Eaves . 

Website Design Bonanza Creek productions, LLC

UnTricia Ann Eaves: lead vocals, mandolin (all tracks, except 7)

Ben Bateson: clawhammer banjo (4) 

Hunter Berry: fiddle (all tracks) 

Sally Berry: vocals (2, 6, 9, & 12) 

Dan Boner: guitar (all tracks), vocals (2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, & 13), fiddle (7, 10, & 12) 

Becky Buller: vocals (7) 

Jamie Carter: bass (all tracks) 

Brandon Green: banjo (all tracks, except 4 & 10), dobro (4 & 10) 

Aynsley Porchak: fiddle (7, 10, 12, & 13) 

Adam Steffey: mandolin (7 & 11), vocals (4, 8, 9, 10, 12, & 13) 

This Side Of Heaven Chorus: Tim Carter, John Cooper, Daniel Houseright, Teresa Owens, and Kelly Smith.